Memory Support Lifestyle & Leisure

What gave your mom a sense of purpose before she needed memory support? Did she love to quilt?  Was she an avid volunteer? Did she always have a roast in the oven and clean pressed shirts hanging in your dad’s closet? Just because your mother needs memory care, it doesn’t mean she can’t do the things she loves anymore. We’ll find what your mom misses, what she’s searching for, and bring it back into her day to day life. Here are some ways that we’ll spend time with your mom.

Resident knitting at The Villas at Sunset Bay in New Port Richey, Florida.

Formal and Informal Engagement

We believe that your mom should experience a mix of formal, or planned, and informal, or impromptu, interactions every day.  Your mom’s days weren’t planned to a T with a calendar and deadlines before she moved into The Villas at Sunset Bay, so why should they be now?

If your mom looks forward to her knitting group meeting on Thursday afternoons, she’ll be welcomed with a smile every week, but if she wants to take a walk outside through the garden with a caregiver after dinner just because the sun is shining, or spend some time alone with her crossword puzzle listening to Frank Sinatra songs, well that’s fine too. Our residents’ lives aren’t dictated by calendar appointments. 

Residents playing games at The Villas at Sunset Bay in New Port Richey, Florida.

Parallel programming

You might hear us talk about parallel programming. That’s our fancy way of saying that we don’t offer a “one-or-nothing” approach to enrichment.  On any given day we might have a volunteer leading a poetry group in one room, another group enjoying popcorn in the living room, and a third folding laundry in the activity room, all at the same time.

So, at The Villas at Sunset Bay, if your mom doesn’t want to participate in some of the events on the daily calendar, that’s ok. She’ll have options.