Health & Wellness

Taking a proactive approach to health and wellness.

Our commitment to you in­cludes programs designed to keep you physically, men­tally and socially active. We believe this enhances the quality of life in the entire community and most importantly to you or your loved one. We offer guest lecturers, seminars, exercise classes and social gatherings in an effort to motivate, educate and inspire residents to take the steps necessary to live a vital, full life. Whether cooking with friends on our upstairs landing, getting a treatment in our spa, or participating in a lecture on diabetic awareness, you will never be at a loss for something to do here at Brentwood. We encourage family members to participate in our events as they are life changing and beneficial to all generations.

Diabetic Program

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions, affecting about one in four senior citizens over 60. It’s a disease with no cure.

Having diabetes doesn’t have to limit exercise. We help encourage a lifestyle that includes an exercise regimen to that focuses on improving your body’s ability to use glucose positively. You’ll improve your stress and cholesterol levels, while controlling blood pressure and increasing your strength and flexibility. These activities will also help to lower your risk of further complications including heart disease or stroke.

Our specialized care program can help you:

  • Monitor and understand your care program for your diabetes to control its impact on your health and daily activities.
  • Watch for signs of secondary impact areas, such as skin, overall sensitivity, changes in circulation, and vision.
  • Understand how your diet and fitness lifestyles affect your diabetes.
  • Communicate effectively with your care provider and learn how to exercise and manage your condition.
  • Manage your medications and supplements.

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