Life2.0™: An Elevated Approach to Lifestyle & Leisure in Baltimore, MD

Often, when “2.0” is added to a word or phrase, it signifies a second version or a “reboot” of the original. However, at Symphony Manor, Life2.0™ is an extension and a continuation of lives well-lived for those we are privileged to serve.

Coupled with our Living Out Loud philosophy, Life2.0™ is an inclusive formula that brings residents, staff, and family members together in customized, creative ways.

Our Mind, Body, Spirit Philosophy

When living in our community, there is never a dull moment. Each experience we plan for our residents infuses elements to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit, creating a series of moments that help residents thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally. Every on-site event and off-site adventure have been designed to deliver an array of experiences that promote active aging, independence, and continued learning.

Comprehensive Socializing Opportunities for Seniors and Staff

The benefits of social interaction for seniors are seemingly unlimited. Designed with this in mind, Life2.0™ creates an inclusive atmosphere that encourages social opportunities between all areas of living, as well as with families and staff members.

Our commitment to extending and continuing life’s experiences begins with a multi-tiered approach that captures resident interests and leisure history. Then, we design all activity programs around their individual interests and aspirations. Creating endless opportunities for interaction, these thoughtfully-planned activities also allow residents the choice to build lasting friendships with other residents as well as with care team members.

Empower. Connect. Engage. Technology with LifeLoop

LifeLoop has a positive impact on our residents' lives by fostering a sense of community and connection. Utilizing technology, we connect our residents with their families and the staff that care for them. LifeLoop has several amazing benefits like reminding our residents to attend events, activities, and generally what is happening in the community. Our residents love viewing photos and videos shared by family members - and how that can, in turn, share with their friends and staff at the community. 

Life2.0™ Programs at a Glance

Take a look at some of our inspired Life2.0™ programs. This is how we Live Out Loud:

Essential Health Initiative 

Through the Essential Health Initiative, we strategically place diffusers and essential oils around communal areas and living spaces. Essential oils are non-toxic alternatives for aromatherapy—stimulating both the senses and the limbic system—as well as infection control.


Infusing water with robust fruits and herbs daily, our strategically-placed hydration stations can be found throughout common areas and activity spaces around the community. This program was developed to provide a range of health benefits. For instance, H2O-To-Go helps promote gut health and overall hydration, all while providing a pleasant sensory experience.

Creative Kitchen

Creative Kitchen was crafted exclusively for our memory care residents. Designed to help open the senses, each mouthwatering recipe is planned around a goal to reminisce about meals that residents may have cooked or eaten in the past. Overall, Creative Kitchen is an incredible opportunity for both the community chef and the residents to collaborate side-by-side to learn new kitchen skills and build lasting memories.

Benevolent Give-Back Program

This program allows the entire community to get involved in a company-wide signature standard. Our community plans several volunteer opportunities each month that benefit local groups and organizations. By giving back, our residents are able to remain, active members of the community, while feeling a sense of civic pride and accomplishment. For more information about Life2.0™ or our other community-wide initiatives to promote active senior living in an inclusive, connective environment, contact us today.

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