Finding your way through the tunnel of grief

"Grieving the living"

Thursday, August 15

12 Noon - Light lunch

12:30 p.m. - Presentation

Sheli Monacchio presenting at Mattison Crossing at Manalapan Avenue in Freehold, New Jersey

Presenter: Sheli Monacchio of Van Dyck Law

When a loved one has dementia, is chronically ill or rapidly declining due to the aging process, it sometimes feels like they are gone forever. So many changes in behavior and routines can make you miss who that person used to be. 

This informative program will cover:

What it's like to grieve the living

How this affects our emotions

What we can do to be mindful of how we handle the hardest moments

Steps of grief and how to deal with loss while our loved one is still living

Question and answer session

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